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Fundraiser Event DJ in Brickell

Miami DJz with Developing Minds Foundation

To start, On March 14, 2018 Alex Rivera was the Fundraiser Event DJ for an Appreciation Event. The event was hosted by Developing Minds Foundation. There are many people in need of help that do not have the means to do it alone. Therefore, participating in this special event alongside DMF was very fulfilling and it’s important to us to support causes like these.

At the time, guests were a mix of current and potential supporters that were gathering to raise funds for the foundation. Also, Paintings and handmade jewelry were sold to raise money. Similarly, Proceeds are to fund school programs in Brazil and Colombia for child soldiers.

Developing Minds Foundation builds schools and supports education programs in communities affected by violence and poverty.

Since 2006, they have dedicated their efforts to initiatives such as rehabilitating former child soldiers of the guerrilla in Colombia. Also, DMF builds and supports technology schools in Rio de Janeiro’s favelas and introducing literacy projects in inner cities of the United States.

Location @ Pipeline Workspaces Brickell

The venue was a professional and modern office space called Pipeline Workspaces. The space was located in the heart of Brickell in Florida.

Lounge Ambience

First, Sounds from Latin Jazz and Brazilian Lounge filled the room. Then, guests were greeted with warm welcomes and gratitude. Also, there was a small art exhibit with paintings and handmade artisanal jewelry. Guests danced and enjoyed themselves to the sounds of Miami DJz. Proceeds would later go to the foundation. Near the end, A moving speech by members of the foundation helped seal this impactful gathering.

Fundraiser Corporation Appreciation Event DJFundraiser Corporation Appreciation Event DJ

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